Young Paddlers

Information for Parents

We are looking forward to a great season!!

  • Minimum Age

    Children must be at least 9 years old by Jan 1 of the current year in order to paddle.

  • Swim Test

    All Children must pass a swim test.

  • Paddles (Hoe – pronounced ho-aee)

    Each child will need their own PADDLE. This is the only equipment required.  You can find paddles at:

    • Foti Bros. Hawaii (808) 524-6677. Mention Lanikai Canoe Club for a discount on Kialoa paddles.
    • Island Paddler (808) 262-4866, (808) 737-4854
    • Hawaiian Watersports (808)262-5483
    • Second Hand – Craigslist is a good resource. Remember, paddles can be cut to the right length for your child.
  • Supervision is NOT provided before and after practice times.

    Our coaches volunteer their time and talent, and provide excellent supervision during practice times.
    Please pick up young children promptly after practice, as most coaches go straight to their own practices at the conclusion of the coaching time.
    For practice times and coaches, please see SCHEDULE.

  • Racing

    Every effort is made to get every participating child to race. If crews are large, or your child misses practices, they may not race this season.

  • Attendance

    Please let your coach know in advance if you will be traveling or be unavailable to attend a race. It is expected that all paddlers attend the races to support their crew and club.

  • Volunteering

    Parents will be required to volunteer at the George Perry Race sponsored by Lanikai Canoe Club. This is the one race a during the year all children will race. We ask for parent volunteers for set up/take down, food service and merchandise sales. Together we make this a great event every year!

    Each regatta has an assigned crew responsible for set up and take down. Please check with your child’s coach or set up/take down for the dates your child will be expected to help.

    Got talent or time? We need you! Let us know at

LCC Divisions2022-02-20T17:07:30-10:00

12 & under GIRLS
12 & under BOYS
13 & under GIRLS
13 & under BOYS
14 & under GIRLS
14 & under BOYS
15 & under GIRLS
15 & under BOYS
16 & under GIRLS
16 & under BOYS
18 & under GIRLS
18 & under BOYS





Ages 40 TO 70+

40 MEN
50 MEN
55 MEN
60 MEN
70 MEN

What do the Coaches Strive Toward?2021-12-28T17:52:19-10:00

Our LCC Coaching Staff are Volunteers who donate their time and talent to advance the mission of the Club. Each coach pledges to:

  • Treat each paddler with respect and dignity
  • Provide paddlers with advance notice of program requirements, practice schedule and crew selection criteria
  • Make crew decisions based on fair and equitable standards
  • Be available to explain decisions or answer questions
  • Foster an environment of open communication with the paddlers
  • Mediate conflicts between paddlers that affect the success of the paddling program
  • Be prepared to seek help from the Division Coach or Head Coach.
  • Abide by the Division Coach and/or Head Coach’s decisions.
  • Utilize a positive coaching style that fosters teamwork and promotes the values and mission of Lanikai Canoe Club.
What is the LCC Member Code of Conduct?2022-01-25T12:01:48-10:00
  • Treat all fellow members and the general community with respect, honesty, fairness and aloha
  • Demonstrate Respect for:
    • self, other members, competitors and the club family
    • coaches, officers and board members of the club
    • the environment – especially the ocean
    • the sport and culture of canoe paddling
    • club equipment and property
  • Attend scheduled practices and notify coach when not able to participate in practices
  • Volunteer for, participate in and support club activities, events, races and committees
  • Strive to achieve personal best both physically and mentally and support others in this effort
  • Refrain from all negative behaviors such as violence, physical or verbal abuse. Understand that such behavior is grounds for not making crew, being suspended or expelled from the club.
  • Ensure you place the best interests of the club and crew before your own personal aspirations.
What is the LCC Code of Conduct for Parents of Paddlers2021-12-28T16:00:45-10:00

As a parent of a young paddler, I promise to:

  • Emphasize emotional and physical well-being of children, fair play and development of outrigger paddling skills over winning
  • Congratulate paddlers for effort, not for winning
  • Respect and support coaches as well as youth and adult officials.
  • Resolve disputes calmly and away from children with the coaching chain of command.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship through positive support for all paddlers, coaches and officials at all practices and races.
  • Remember that youth paddling is for youth, not adults
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