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Our Mission

The mission of Lanikai Canoe Club is to maintain and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through the promotion of competitive and recreational outrigger canoe paddling for youth, family, and the community. The Lanikai Canoe Club Goal is to provide the finest paddling experience for each of our members and the community.

Lanikai Canoe Club is a member of and competes in the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA) and Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (HCRA) annual regatta events, annual distance seasons, and races across Hawaii and at international venues. The club has a fleet of canoes that support a club membership of 400-500 paddlers ages 9 and up.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable volunteer organization run by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering opportunities, please contact us.


Please wait to register for regatta until further guidance from OHCRA, coming in February.

Ages 9 through adult. Membership, activity fee, and requirements apply.

An OHCRA sanctioned activity, with training beginning in April and activities running through the HRCA State Championship (early August).


Ages 15+, membership, activity fee, and requirements apply.

An OHCRA sanctioned competitive activity begins the day after the HCRA State Championship
OCHRA Race Schedule

Duke Kahanamoku Womens Race

Duke Kahanamoku Mens Race


Adults (18+), membership, activity fee and requirements apply. MUST BE EXPERIENCED PADDLER

An LCC intra-club activity, all year round.
Sunrise or Sunset.
Activities Schedule

Your support helps us preserve our Koa Canoes and provide activities.

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference.

Please consider making a gift to The Lanikai Canoe Club Koa Canoe Fund or an unrestricted donation today.